Nutrition Expert

“There will always be mixed messages about diet and nutrition in the media because the advice given is generic, where as people are individuals with different needs. Let the Nutrition Expert tailor a nutritional plan for you and help you develop the tools to apply it.”


Here are a selection of testimonials from happy clients:

Sarah 25 yrs old London City Professional bulimia nervosa

I knew I had some problems relating to food but it was Tom who sensitively made me understand that I had an eating disorder and that someone could truly help me.   From the outset his approach was professional and friendly.  It was clear that he cared very much about his work and patients.  Our meetings were structured so that he could monitor my progress but I had enough freedom to learn and help myself.  I had time to think about the information Tom gave me each week and I knew that however long it would take then he would be there to give me guidance and support. All in all, it has been a successful learning curve about healthy eating and exercise, which is still ongoing.  I was treated very well and am so grateful.  It is wonderful that there is someone like Tom to help those who are suffering with such kindness and without judgement. Please keep up the great work and help as many people as I know you can. Thank you again.

Anne 45yrs nurse

Before I started the treatment I thought I was just greedy and that I deserved to be fat because I was weak and lacked control.  Very quickly Tom helped me understand why I struggle with food and my weight and in doing the home works I have learnt how to deal with my difficult emotions in a different way and how to eat so avoid binging.  Since finishing treatment I have managed to continue to stop binging and feels much happier about myself, something I never thought was possible.

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